Encouraging kids and parents to practice CBT in between therapy sessions
ThinkBetter tablet app

Desk research


Competitive analysis
User personas


Task flow
User testing
Usability testing
Visual design

The problem

1 in 5 children suffers from a mental health or learning disorder, and 80% of chronic mental disorders begin in childhood.

Children’s Mental Health Report, Child Mind Institute

How might we improve and innovate the therapy experience for kids, encouraging CBT practice in between sessions in an integrated way?

The solution

ThinkBetter is a tool for kids to practice cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) outside of sessions while increasing emotional self-awareness, managing thoughts and feelings, and dealing with negative behaviors.

ThinkBetter provides an integrated platform for kids, their parents, and therapists to set treatment plan goals and achieve them while tracking progress along the way.

The therapist assigns homework for the kid through the tablet app; the kid practices CBT and relaxation exercises at home with parental assistance; then the therapist reviews the thought records with the kid during the next session using the web app.

Gamification is implemented to engage and motivate kids to complete homework assignments and improve their skills. Game mechanics such as avatars, progress bars, and badges are used in a learner-centered setting.

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My Role

UX designer
Product designer
Visual designer


Adobe XD


Desk research

I started by reviewing existing information to gain a better understanding of the child therapy field and identify any gaps. I read peer-reviewed scientific journals, news articles, and research reports that helped define my approach for how to innovate the therapy experience.

Supplementary treatment
Mental health apps are an excellent way to help people stay connected outside of sessions to the work they are doing in therapy.
Cognitive behavioral therapy
Evidence shows digital CBT is most effective at reducing depressive symptoms and has been recommended as a first-line option for children.
Caregiver involvement
CBT for youth may support long-term maintenance of treatment gains for anxiety and depression when the caregiver(s) are involved.


Competitive analysis

I investigated the top competitors to identify advantages and opportunities for ThinkBetter.

ThinkBetter competitive analysis chart

User personas

To inform all design decisions with a consistent focus I created personas based on two main types of users: kids and parents.

Persona: Sophie Brown
Persona: Lauren Evans


Task flow

After defining and prioritizing the essential features, I designed the app’s structure to make it simple and intuitive to navigate. I created a task flow to optimize users’ ability to accomplish a task with the least amount of friction.

Scenario: Sophie wants to complete a CBT thought record that was assigned as homework.


Upon opening the app, the user would see a dashboard containing therapist and appointment info, treatment plan goal and progress, achievements, exercises, and a homework overview with a CTA to start. The user would go through every step of the CBT thought record and submit it at the end.

ThinkBetter tablet wireframes

User testing

I tested a low-fidelity prototype with a psychologist to validate the features, wording, and flow of completing a CBT thought record since this would be a tool used in conjunction with in-person therapy.

Then I conducted usability testing with two kids and their parents, which provided additional valuable feedback for an improved design iteration.

ThinkBetter tablet updated wireframes

Visual design

I designed ThinkBetter to be intuitive and minimal with friendly rounded shapes and illustrations. The palette of vivid and pastel colors expresses an uplifting, encouraging, and soothing mood suitable for therapy; typography is highly legible and approachable; and UI elements are bright and fun.

App icon

ThinkBetter app icon



Museo Sans typeface

UI Elements

ThinkBetter UI elements

Final prototype

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