Carol Taira

I'm a human-centered experience designer with a passion to meaningfully improve people's lives and create innovative solutions at the intersection of design, science, and technology.

My meticulous design process is enriched by my scientific background and fueled by my values of creativity, connection, and compassion.

After earning my bachelor's in Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology from UCLA on the healthcare pathway, I migrated to the dynamic world of design to continue solving human challenges. I completed the Graphic Design program at San Diego City College where I solved problems focused on conceptual thinking, socially responsible design, and strategy.

The discovery and strategy phase that inspires design is where I thrive the most because I love empathizing, researching, learning, and distilling insights to strategically craft meaningful experiences.

As a relentless learner, I stay updated in an ever-changing field and enjoy seeking new ways to express my creativity. When I’m not designing, you can find me planning my next adventure, savoring a mezcal cocktail, or writing a song.

I'm currently a Product Designer at BL3NDlabs.

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Carol Taira with the San Diego harbor in the background